Benefits of Kalabagh Dam

Benefits of Kalabagh Dam
Benefits of Kalabagh Dam

Kalabagh dam project will meet the needs of irrigation water and meet the food production for the growing population in the coming year. So this dam is very important for the economic stability of the Pakistan. There are some benefits are as under:

Benefits of Kalabagh Dam

  1. This multi-purpose project would have a live storage capacity of 6.1 million acre feet. (MAF).
  2. It would add a large amount of cheap hydro-power.
  3. Kalabagh Dam will generate an average 11,400 million KWH annually.
  4. Average power benefits are estimated as Rs. 46.0 billion per annum.
  5. With large amounts of energy generate during the summer months, the station will operate as source of base load power with thermal plant providing addition peak time power as required.
  6. To generate the energy necessary which meet the demand and stop load shedding?
  7. Kalabagh Dam generates a large amount of low cost Hydro Electricity power near major load center.
  8. To replace the lost live storage capacities of Mangla and Tarbela, reservoirs gradually being depleted due to sedimentation.
  9. To utilize surplus water waste fully flowing to sea.
  10. Kalabagh would store surplus water in the flood season and make it available for controlled utilization during the low flow season.
  11. This project would provide irrigation water to meet the demand of food production for our growing population.
  12. So with the commissioning of Kalabagh Dam, the irrigation short fall would completely eliminated in average and above average inflow year.

  13. The additional water will mostly made available during the Rabi Season from October to march, thus increasing the cultivated area which may cropped twice annually.
  14. Kalabagh Dam would enable addition and improved irrigation supplies to all provinces within a short period.
  15. Additional water made available from Kalabagh for irrigation purposes will increase crop yields.
  16. The impact of Kalabagh Dam in reducing the short falls in irrigation supplies.
  17. Irrigation oriented operation of the project gives the highest overall economic return.
  18. Annual irrigation supply will  increased by an average of 4.5 MAF, when the project is first commissioned.
  19. Kalabagh Dam would store water in the flood season. This water could thus used for sowing and final maturing of the Kharif crops and entire Rabi crops.
  20. The grand Kalabagh Dam could supply plenty of water from its reservoirs to the network of canals during the dry seasons.

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