Useful and Harmful aspects of insects Pests

Useful and Harmful aspects of insect Pests

Useful and Harmful aspects of insect Pests

Useful Aspect

Insects collect and produce different useful products e.g. honey, silk, lac Medicinal value of the insect  “Cantharidin  is a product which is obtained from dried body of blister beetle which has medicinal value, Balata tincture  is a substance which  come out from the body of cockroach  which dissolve in alcohol  which is effective against Asthma

Insect are helpful in the process of fruit setting by pollination e.g. honey bees play vary important role in pollination

Insects serve as food for different animals and humans e.g desert locust In Korea silkworm eaten, in America cockroach soop used

Insect destroy and damage different harmful insects by acting as predator and parasite

Harmful Aspects

Insect destroys and damage different crops and other valuable plants:

  • By chewing the leaves, stems, bark and fruits etc
  • By sucking the cell sap from the leaves, stems and and fruits etc
  • Damaging the underground plant parts e.g. roots

Insect act as vector of different plant diseases e.g. “whitefly is a vector of (CLCV) cotton leaf curl virus Aphid is a vector of mosaic viruses

By acting as vector of different animal and human diseases e.g. Housefly is a responsible a number of diseases

Insect annoy, injure and damage different domestic and wild animals and humans

They annoy and injure by there presence sound or foul smell e.g. bees, wasps, mosquito

By acting as external and internal parasite

Insects destroy and damage different stored products e.g. stored grain, store clothes etc

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