Population: A Human Resource

Population Human Resource

Population Human Resource

A huge population can prove to be a nation’s biggest asset. For the all round progress of a nation, it is essential that it people contribute significantly to diverse area and sectors of the economy like agriculture, science, industry and construction.The talented and hardworking people of a nation can emerge as a highly competitive human resource.

A country marches ahead largely on the strength of its talented, educated and enterprising manpower. Many nations like Japan, China and Israel have proved it time and gain. These nation are poor in natural resources. They lack land and other natural resources such as mineral, metal and water, and various sources of energy like natural gas or crude oil.

But these nations have shown that the general populace could  turned into valuable human resources. Furthermore, huge population of young people majority of whom are hardworking and enterprising. They can make a nation that finds respect worldwide, of the evolving the every of other nations. They which  under populated and lack valuable human resources necessary for taking a nation forward. Highly talented and educated people can be proved valuable by providing their expertise and technical know -how to various industries and vocations, and can tremendously and to the overall growth of nation. Nation has to excel in many fields by making the most in age native use of its large human resources.

Educated People achieve Nation Progress

If the huge rural population suitable educated, trained and equipped in agriculture know. The nation would achieve excellence in agriculture of an unforeseen kind. This way the burden on the economy will ease and the nation will progress by leaps and bounds. As all its people will have a significant role to play in nation building process.

In the end, I want to conclude that the population is the best human resource for the advancement and development of any country in every field of life . If you have a better and hardworking population then you can achieve whatever you what and can rule this world.

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