Characteristics of a Good Abstract

Characteristics of a good Abstract

Characteristics of a good Abstract

Research is a systematic and well organized activity and has specific rules and styles; similarly an abstract has some major features.

There are some basic rules for developing good abstracts.

 Word Limit

Word limit is essential for brief and systematic approach of writing. So it saves a lot of time and labor of readers, writers, publishing organizers and conferences executives.

 Correct Structure and Sequence

An abstract must well designed and disciplined. So there should be suitable proportions and organization of different parts of abstract. Hence Key information should given preference to important information. Mostly, It has such information essentially, statement of problem, objectives, procedures, findings and recommendations.

 No Extra Information

An abstract is a brief description of a longer paper. It covers only information about the related paper. So it does not provide any more and additional information to the readers which   not included in   the real   document.

 No Definitions

An abstract has not any definitions. Although definitions are necessary part of the introduction of a paper but introduction is not a part of the abstracts.

 Well – Written

Information is linked mutually with appropriate way. It must be well structured as well as it must be written with accurate grammar and spellings. It must be understandable easily for readers.

 No References

An abstract cannot afford burden of references because of word limitation. It presents summary of paper without reference and bibliographic citation.

 Key Words

Sometimes, a list of key words or glossary is written for research magazines and conferences. So key words are prepared to narrate the list of topics for researchers, interest. These key words and list are useful for those people who work on research projects in any field or area of research.

 Author Details

Sometimes, through abstract, we can get introduction and biographic details of authors. So this information also provides history and background of different fields of research. Abstract are helpful for selecting research area as well as research topics. Hence a researcher can get information of research methodology, objectives and findings of previous research activities from an abstract.

 Information Source

Occasionally, It is source of latest knowledge and information about conceptual research papers. Sometimes a researcher finds such information that is helpful for him later on. He can keep record of these information for future needs. Sometimes, It written for a conference session. Conference organizers think that it more common so its preview must done before publishing.

Preview of an Article

An abstract gives a suitable and fine ideology about what is in the article and can give an appropriate structure for getting comprehension of the whole article.