What is Leadership



Leadership is an  influence  between  the  persons  having  direction  towards  the achievement of desired goals. This statement have three parts; influence, between persons and goals.  Here influence means the power to affect other persons. Between persons means two or more than two persons. Thus, a leader has more than one person to lead and goal is the end one struggles to attain.

Leading is an ability to represent the group of persons to achieve a goal. It appears only  when  two  or  more  persons  interact  with  each  other  and  to  do  some  job.  It is completely depends upon persons performance to make him a man of front position or a leader. Hence it  is  the  process  of  influencing  other  persons  to  work  together  in  group  and  to achieve required goals.

Impact of Leadership

Leading  is  a  job  to  inspire,  motivate  and  direct  the  follows  or  subordinates, communicate  with  them  and  resolve  conflicts.  It  is  quality  of  a  person  to  study  the situation,  understand  the  matter  and  then  take  any  decision  for  the  betterment  of  such condition.

Leaders very committed persons and they have a mission.  They  have  a potential  to  understand  the  situation  deeply  and  utilize  their  energies  to  improve  such condition.  They also struggle hard to bring change.  So they involve with others and facilitate them to get required results.  Management  is  a  part  of  leadership  in  which  the  achievement  of  the organizational goal is a  supreme. There is a mutual relationship between. Leadership and management. The term leadership implies relations between persons.  Whether these relations are harmonious, mutually supporting, congenial and friendly or whether they are fraught with distrust, deceit and fear depends largely upon the nature of the leadership provided.