Physical Method to Control Insect Pests

Physical Method to Control Insect Pests

Physical Method to Control Insect Pests

Manipulation of the physical factor to control the insect

"Physical factor are mainly applicable in store houses, ware house or in control condition in natural condition we do not control the physical factor"


If we increase the temperature of the store house up to 50 °C for 10-12 hours a number of store insect are control to avoid the attack of pink bollworm on the cotton seed. So we use heat treatment of the seas  52 °C for 5 mint

Sun drying

Moisture increase the chance of attack, this practice is recommended in end May and June   larvae and adult killed by the direct sun drying heat

Super heating of store

Charcoal used 6kg/1000ft square for heating the store 3-4hours for burning the charcoal until the temperature reach 140-150 °F

Use of low temperature

Insect inactive  due to low temperature. Insects activity decrease. Hence Cold storage practiced recommended  for  perishable commodity  like fruit, vegetable. If the temperature of the store room 40- 60 °F most  of the insects become inactive and not cause damage.


If grain moisture of wheat is 8% than it is ideal for storage for rice 16% moisture is ideal for storage.

Radiation: Gamma radiation is most effective in store room

Electricity and Light trap:

Electricity and Light trap also used to capture and kill the insects.