Chamber of Commerce: A Voluntary Association

Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce

It is a charitable union of traders, businessmen, merchants, industrialists, financier, who work for the advantage of business community generally at regional level. An association of businessmen and businesswomen designed to prop up and protect the interests of its members. There is a national Chamber of                 Commerce, as well as various state and local chambers.

Among the benefits members obtain are deals and discounts from other chamber members, listing in a member directory and a diversity of other programs and services designed to support business activity in a region. Chambers of commerce plays a vital role in local metropolis in promoting business motion and representing chamber members. At least at the local level, chamber of commerce members often gather to discuss and try to shape policy that speak about to the business and overall economic atmosphere.

Members also receive the distinction of being a favored local merchant, as well as listing on various municipal websites and literature. The elected office bearers of the chamber of commerce in each regional serve their members in different ways:

Role of Member in Chamber of Commerce

  • They collect information regarding trade, commerce, shipping, and other ailed business in and outside the country. So keep the members in touch with the latest development taking place in the business.
  • Members submit their suggestion and observations to the government for the improvement of business condition in the country.
  • They raise their voice against any legislative or other measures. So which in their opinion are harmful to the interest of the members and the economic progress of the country.
  • They help the members in settling their mutual disputes by arbitration. Thus save the members of the heavy cost of litigation.
  • The association also carries research work on the problems concerning trade and industry and provides up-to-date information to government.
  • The association remains in touch with the ministry of commerce. The government invites suggestions from the chambers in the formulating of economic policies and in the preparation of annual budget.