Difference between Economics Laws and Moral Laws

Moral Laws

Moral Laws

Moral laws are either enforced by the religion or by the society itself. Laws of morality enforced or made keeping in view the special objectives. As against state laws, there is no punishment inflicted by the government. But those moral laws which are also state laws, if violated there is punishment. But in Islam a person who does not obey the laws of morality.

If he  not punished in this moral then there a day of judgment when the violates will punished. Economic laws are neither enforced the religion and nor the society. But they came into existence as  result  of human behavior adopted  during consumption production distribution  and exchange  like moral laws. There is no punishment or violation of economic laws but all those economic laws which are state laws if violated there is punishment

Economic laws and other social laws

The laws of economics more exact than those of any other social science. Because the economics phenomena capable of measured in money price while other social laws have no measuring rod like money. The laws of economics diverse from the laws of physical sciences. The economist deal with the activities or behaviors of guy in society. The activities of man are different and undecided and no specific conclusion can be drawn from them. We can only say what is likely by happen and riot what must happen. On the other hand, natural sciences deal with count and atoms which are constant gadgets

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