What is Scanning Devices and How its work

 Scanning devices

Scanning devices

Scanning device are convert image, drawing, photo and text into digital form. Image process by a computer, displayed on the monitor, store on the storage devices and also communicated with other computers.These input devices that use scanner for input. Scanner use laser beam and reflect lights. Hence Scanners translate image, text, drawing and photos etc in to digital form. Some important scanning device is as under.

  • Bare Code Reader

Bar Code Reader

Bar Code Reader

Bar Code is an identification code which is consists of set of vertical lines and spaces. So Bar code represents data information which is displayed on different product in the form of vertical line. Bar code is also called Universal Product Code. Bar code reader is used to read bar code.

  • M.I.C.R

M.I.C.R means Magnetic Ink Character recognition. It used to read text which is printed by using magnetized ink. So it mostly used in banks for processing of cheque. Each cheque contains M.I.R.C characters at the lower left edge.

  • O.M.R

O.M.R stand for Optical Marks Recognition. So it used to read special marks or symbols which printed on paper. O.M.R uses to red answer sheet of objective type examination .O.M.R use light beam to read data and convert it in to signals and these signals sent to computer for processing.

  • OCR

OCR means Optical Character Recognition. Hence it reads printed character and converts into digital code that processed by computer .OCR used to read utility bills and price tags in departmental stores.

  • Magnetic Strip Card

It is a card that has a strip of magnetically encoded data on its back. They used for personal identifications during driving, departmental stores, and public places etc.

  • Smart Card

A smart card seems to be a credit card. So this card contains a microprocessor and a memory chip. This card is used into a special card reader. Hence these card reader can read and update it contends.

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