Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology



The most competitive companies use information technology and especially informations system in large scale effectively. So the main function of information technology provides the right informations to the right people at the right time. It advantages and disadvantages are as under:

Advantages of IT

  1. With the help of information technology, business informations is just a touch away from users reach.
  2. The bundle of record maintaining and paper work is converted in small packet in shape of 3 inches flash drive.
  3. Hence through informations technology, our labor cost is greatly reduced in business environment.
  4. Businesses can successfully communicate in very fast time with their targets.
  5. The use of informations technology has globalized the business people.
  6. By using informations technology, businesses are able to create and sustain competitive advantage also.
  7. Higher profit generation has become possible through informations technology.
  8. Information technology has resulted in learning new techniques of businesses.
  9. Information technology has resulted in innovation changes in business environment also..
  10. Hence Online business has made the reach of customers very easy to different business offering.

 Disadvantages of IT

  1. Increase of informations technology has resulted in unemployment.
  2. Informations technology has made negative impact as businesses are aiming competitive advantage neither then giving value to customers.
  3. Hackers have made the informations unsecured.
  4. Sense of deprivation has urged as customers are able to buy new product in market with help of informations technology people have no enough purchasing power to buying it.
  5. Business people are over reluctant on informations technology.

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