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What is Input and Input Devices

Input Devices

Input Devices


Everything which is told by the user to the computer system is called input.


Input devices are hardware components that are used to enter the data or instruction into the computer system. Most common input devices are Key board, Mouse, Touch Pad, Light Pen, Digital Camera, Microphone and Scanner.


Keyboard is very important but common input device. It is like a type-writer. Computer can’t work without keyboard. It consist of Alphabetic keys (Aa-Zz), Numeric Keys (0-9), Function keys (F1-F12) and some other keys to enter the different data or instruction. A standard keyboard has 101 to 104 keys.


It is an input device which rolls on the flat surface and controls the mouse pointer. Mouse pointer uses to select the text, Menu and Icon. Therefore Mouse pointer moves on the screen as the mouse rolled on the mouse pad. It has two button and scroll wheel. Button can  clicked or doubled clicked to perform the tasks. Scroll wheel use to scrolling the long documents.


Mouse Event is a process which is performed by the mouse. There are three event like, Right click, Left Click and Drag.

Right Click: It is use to view the proprieties of File, Folder and Desktop etc

Left Click: It is use to select the graphical object like File, Icon, text in the document and other button

Drag: it is use to move the object or text form one place to another place.


Track Ball is a pointing device which is work like mouse. We can use it as an alternative to mouse. So Track Ball is use in portable computer. It has three buttons which are work like mouse button. So it has rolling ball on the top which controls the cursor position and it needed less space for working.


Joy stick an input device which help to play the video games on the computer. It like mouse and it has two buttons which called Triggers.


Touch pad is a pointing device which is small area of flat surface. The surface is very sensitive to motion and pressure. Pointer moves on the screen when finger rotate on touch pad.


A light pen is also pointing device which is looks like pen. It handed hold and connected with compute via wire. When user touches the some specific area of screen with light pen it sends information to the compute system. Generally graphics designer, Engineer and other persons used this device.


Digital camera an input device that used to enter input directly into the computer system. Picture and video taken by the digital camera and store them on computer disk or memory chips then they give to computer for processing. These video or picture can  edited or change by the computer for user desire. We can made picture or video in less time and low cost using to digital camera because do not need to the film processing.


Microphone  an input device which used to enter the human voice or another voice into the computer system. A sound card within the computer converts the sound in that form which are understandable by the computer. Hence Computer store it or send to the speaker for user’s listening.


Scanner also an input device which work like copy machine. So it is used to enter the print document and images into the computer system. Scanner captures an entire sheet and converts into digital signals. Scanned image can not edited, special software are used for editing in it.