United Kingdom’s Constitution and its Characteristics

united kingdom constitution

united kingdom constitution

It is running very successfully although it is an old constitution of the world. A constitution based on certain principles which are necessary to run the government and it is organized and determines the relation between the people and government. Some features of the UK constitution are as under:


The first feature of United Kingdom’s constitution is that it is unwritten which is the bundle of customs and traditions of their ancestors


Flexibility is another feature. But it will not be contrary to the customs of their ancestors. If the need and demand is changed the custom would be changed and also constitution.

Parliamentary form of Government

There are two houses in United Kingdom’s, House of common and House of Lord. In this the minister is individually and collectively responsible. If the looses confident then he and his cabinet would have to resign.

Two Party Systems

As you also know that there are two party systems. The one who will win, that party will run the government and that government is at fault then other party support to resolve that fault, not to maximize their faults.

Minister’s Responsibility

It is the feature of this constitution that if there would be something done contrary to public needs and principles. The minister would be responsible for every good and bad matter.

Independence of Judiciary

It is another feature that there is independence of judiciary in a realistic manner not only in document.

Constitutional Monarchy

It means that the constitution is above all and it is supreme. No one can challenge the constitution.

Supremacy of Parliament

Judiciary and parliament are inter-related. One cannot challenge the rules that are already made. It means like judiciary parliament would be supreme as well.

Single Citizenship

A citizen of United Kingdoms can have only one nationality. One can not possess dual nationality at the same time.

Unitary System

It is another feature that no division of power is between the central and the lower government. They work with the collaboration between them. But central government would be supreme.

Evolution Nature

It means that no specific date and its origin are available. It means that growth is in process from the very beginning.

Rule of Law

There real rule of law in the constitution of United Kingdoms. It means that everyone has the same rights. No punishment without reason.

Fundamental Rights

Everyone and government would take care of fundamental rights of others. Everyone would be equal in the eyes of constitution.

Check and Balance

It means that if one organ of a government is not working properly then other organ will help that organ. So, there would be check and balance in everything.

Convention Based

It is another characteristic of United Kingdoms constitution that it based on convention. New conventions added, according to the need of situation and time.

Gap between Theory and Practice

It means that there is a gap between the theory of constitution and its implementation and then execution.


It means government to the people by the people and for the people. So everyone can profited on equal basis. In this, the majority will  offered to make the government.


It will decided with election that the P.M would always from the house of common.  Hence All the powers of king practiced by the parliament and Prime Minister.