Characteristic of the U.S.A Constitution

USA Constitution

USA Constitution

The fundamental body of rules and principles which determine the conduct of affairs of a state is called constitution. Therefore a body of fundamental principal or established precedents according to which a state or organization is governed.  So the features of the constitutions of U.S.A are as follows:


The first feature of U.S.A constitution that it is written. It is not the collection of customs only. There are sections and articles in it. it is brief document consisting of only seven articles and twenty six amendments.


It is another feature that it enacted in its original shape.

Sovereignty of People

Unlike the constitution of U.K there is sovereignty of the people not to the King.

Supremacy of Constitutional Law

Constitutional law can observed in its original and real shape that is the supreme in USA. Nothing else is supreme than constitutional.

Convention and Usages

During the long period of constitutions working it is seen that developments of convention and tradition have changed the constitution beyond recognition.

Rigid Constitution

It is the most rigid constitution in the world. It can amended by a very prolonged and unwieldy process. Sometimes, at take years before an amendment become operative after it  processed, because of the complex nature of the amendment procedure.

Presidential System

It is another characteristic that there is presidential system as well. There are immunities for its presidents.

Balanced Government

There is a balance of powers between its two houses. House of representative and senate has the same rights according to their majesty.

Separation of Powers

The basic aspect of its constitutions is the division of national powers among three departments; which given constitutional and political independence from one another. The president’s powers come not from congress but from the constitutions.

Check and Balance

Check and balance prevent tyranny and even more important, to prevent a single section of the populace, majority or minority, from gaining complete control of the government.

Judicial Review

The study of American constitution is in large gauge a study of judicial decisions and judgment. Judicial review is the right of judges to construe the constitution.

Fundamental Rights                                                                                           

The fundamental rights, right to live, right of freedom right of property etc. awarded to every single citizen.

Independence of Judiciary

It is another basic feature that there is a judicial system that is independent. No one has the immunity even the president in front of judicial decisions.

Bill of Rights

The U.S.A constitution guarantees fundamental rights of person, property and liberty. Hence the rights of citizens are enforceable by resource to judiciary. These rights cannot  modified or suspended except by constitutional amendments.

Dual Citizenship

The USA constitution provides for dual citizenship for the people of the United State. An American is the citizen of U.S.A as well as Stat wherein he or she domiciled.

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