Pakistan and Terrorism : How can overcome

Pakistan and Terrorism

Pakistan and Terrorism

In Pakistan, terrorism has come out as a social evil and major problem especially after 9/11 2001. It is, actually, an attack on fundamental human rights. It is an evil act that inflexibly frighten and oppresses innocent people who are unfortunate and are ultimate sufferers of terrorism. Terrorism is a very confusing term that has a link with political, social and economical set-up. Although Pakistan has been facing the waves of terrorism since 80’s. If we look at the history, movement of terrorist attacks, in fact, started on November’ 6, 2002. When a lady committed suicide by blowing  herself in front of a newspaper office in Karachi, injuring 6 other people.

Since then, there have been countless terrorist incidents causing a massive injuries and fatalities. In August 2007, terrorist attacks increased to its peak after a steady rise in the incidents since 2006. Year 2009 considered a fatal year in Pakistan’s history.  At least 723 major incidents and 11,585 fatalities were reported through 2009 (SATP, 2010). In 2008, 59 terrorist attacks were reported causing 893 deaths while in 2009, 76 suicide attacks were reported in which 949 persons were killed.

In the year 2010,775 people killed. While 1359 injured in total 34 bomb blasts (South Asia Terrorism Portal, 2010). KPK and Punjab provinces the most affected province followed by Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). In Punjab, Lahore and Islamabad most affected areas where main areas were target to attract the attention of government and to fulfill. Drone attacks have also made the situation of the country more worse causing into thousands of death and injuries in tribal areas. Terrorism, in fact, is not merely the product of crazy people or an expression of their extreme hate. But their aim is multi fold to achieve particular political and ideological goals. They pull off their objectives by spreading horror and threat of punishment among the mass to pressurize a target government to change policy according to their demands.

How can overcome

Roots of terrorism can be trace back to the development of first human civilization. It is an old phenomenon but to get a general idea about the history of terrorism one has to yank the historical background of violence. Primordially, terrorism manifestation in the form of individual and ethnic insurgence and later on. It transformed to foreign aggression where the small states had to face terrorist attacks by the superior states. Human history has witnessed myriad and dreadful terrorist acts in which millions of people had to face scenes of carnage.

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