Power and Function of American President

Power and Function of American President

Power and Function of American President

In America, there is presidential form of government. The president is responsible for making policies and accountable to nation. In the word, the American president is most powerful. All powers  vested in the president.

The American president enjoys the following powers which are discussed as under:

Executive Powers

President exercises executive powers in followings ways:

  1. The President is the head of national administration.
  2. He is also responsible for the enforcement of all laws and treaties with foreign states.
  3. He is the supreme commander of the armed forces of U.S.A .He is responsible for the defense of the country.
  4. American President fully authorized to remove the federal officials in his own directions except the judges of the Supreme Court who cannot be removed only by impeachment.

Legislative Powers

Under certain conventions, president’s role in legislation becomes extensive. Some of his legislative power may summed up as follows:

  1. He cannot summon the ordinary session of the Congress but can summon extra-ordinary session under special condition.
  2. He can also send message and proposal to the congress on important issue.
  3. American President has also the veto powers and can veto the bills passed by congress.
  4. In important matters pertaining to foreign affairs, he may even consult the leaders of the others parties as well.

Financial Powers

The president is the general manager of the financial affairs of the government, yet in actual practice the president directs and controls finance. So it is under the direct supervision of president that the budged  formulated by the bureau of budget. The American president has too much power in order to the finances.

Judicial Powers

The president of the United State enjoys the power to grant pardon and reprieve to all offenders convicted for the breach of federal laws. So he cannot forgive a person who has convicted by impeachment, or for offences against the law of the state. The president appoints the judges of the Supreme Court with the consent of Senate.

Impeachment of President

Even before the normally expiry, he can  removed by impeachment. Impeachment with begin in the House of Representative. If sufficient evidence produced, the House will draft a Bill of Impeachment. Hence If the Senate, approves the bill by two third majority of its member, the president will stand removed from office

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