Causes of Terrorist Attacks: How to Overcome Terrorism

Causes of Terrorist Attacks

Causes of Terrorist Attacks

There are so many reasons of complex phenomenon of terrorism, which contribute in flourishing of terrorist activities. The community also lacks a solid theoretical background of assumptions which provide a base for determining the causes of terrorism.


Helplessness is the psychological condition, which can be one of causes to manifest terrorism in the society because it shows way to hopelessness. In fact unstable socioeconomic conditions and political injustice provide favorable way to terrorism. When any society abandon or ignore people and kept their basic needs unfulfilled then ultimately result would be the expression of resentment and hostility in the form of cruel behaviors to seek government attention for their purposes.


A political and economic deprivation leads to anger that considered one of the main core sources of terrorism. When a government fails to accept and approve political and economic along with other basic rights of the particular groups then theses groups express their anger by dreadful acts without considering any moral values. A school of thought attributes current terrorism activities as the game of political advantages by world's super- powers. While some other perspective is in view that all these activities are because of clash of civilization between West and Islam

Power of Communist System

During closing stage of cold war, the Communists’ had a great influence on the acceleration of terrorism in the world. At that time, many freedom movements adopted violence as a course of their action being inclined by such regimes. If we go back to last two decades of twentieth century, it is found that communists of Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka and Tamales are open examples. Who started vicious movements, under the influence of theses regimes for their independence.


Poverty, lack of food and economic inequality are leading factor that can flourishes terrorism swiftly in any society. Aristotle, a great philosopher, had also settled on the allegation statement that “Poverty is mother of Terrorism and Revolution”. Examples can found in many developing countries where due to titanic poverty people forced to enter into terrorist activities to get economical benefits as different terrorist organizations provides them.

Modern Technology and Sheer Success

Implausible advancement in weaponry technology, easy access and human knowledge about how to use them is one of the causes of intensification of terrorism in modern times as it made easier for terrorist to get them. And secondly terrorist consider terrorism as a short cut approach to achieve their targets rapidly and within short time

Autocracy and Extremism

In the current era, lack of democratic system is one of the root causes of terrorism. The tyrants and dictator governments scare their rivals and masses so that nobody can raise a voice against them. According to one school of thought, extremism especially extremism related to religion is one of the main cause of terrorism. Religions actually does not cause terrorism. But it does mean that people get emotionally charged in the name of religion. Therefore, cause possible slaughter even disastrous terrorist acts. As a fact, we can notice that the majority of the terrorist movements are working in the name of religion or at-least it is asserted.

Inherited and societal Factors

Apart of mentioned causes, sociologists consider man violent by nature. To understand the violent nature of human beings, sociologists emphasized the importance of genetically, instinctual, social learning, and frustration aggression aspects. According to this point of view people naturally seek to switch towards brutal actions. Besides this, living environment also plays very important role in convincing him/her towards violent acts. If a child grows in a very suppressed/violent society, he/she is more likely to attracted and motivated towards.

All these factors do not cover up all ground reasons of terrorism. We should take into account our responsibility to think over and to grasp the true temperament of terrorism. In term of religious, cultural and socio-economic point of view. In nutshell, a sense of dispossession, browbeaten, injustice and resentful are the key factors responsible for growing terrorism in this modern age.