Powers of Leadership in Business Organization

Power of Leadership

Power of Leadership

Leadership  is  actually  an  authority  gives  to  the  leader  that  enables  him  to  get submission and output from the followers. So this authority or power may be.

Legitimate / position power 

According to follower’s ideology, a leader has sovereignty to make his own rules and regulations. Because these rules and regulations can be applied in the opposition and favor of any person. So he can give and take any of post from others.

Reward power 

Followers think that leader has supreme power to recompense the compliant. As a reward of his submission according to the dictation of leader because managers have authority to reward their subordinates to meet the performance expectation

Coercive power 

Followers believe that a ruler can adopt a repressive and compulsive behavior to give punishment to followers, if they make any mistake.

Referent power 

It is based on the belief of followers because that the leader has some personality attributes and attractive qualities. These traits attract the followers. That is why, followers try to adopt these traits.This is the most significant and actual power that leaders should accept because this power about the quality of relationship which are built with others. This power related to the personal morals and character like reliability, honesty and credibility. So high referent power People highly influence to the others who have a high regard  and respects them.

Expert power 

Leader’s opinion  taken as an expert opinion. Due to richness of knowledge so his opinion is valuable among the followers.

Personal power 

It  depends  on  the  personal  will  of  leader  to  establish  a  good  relation  with inferiors because high authorities, top management and legislators etc

Information Power

Information power is a short term power which does not necessarily influence credibility.Therefore , a project manager has all the information about a specific project that we can say her informational power.

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