Pakistan Penal Code : History and Origin of PPC

Pakistan Penal Code

Pakistan Penal Code

Origin of Pakistan Penal Code

Pakistan Penal Code  was very old. At that time, there was Hindu Raj in sub- Continent. There were different laws before Pakistan came into existence. The law of crime and punishment belongs of King Manu’s time. He used to give justice to the lay man as a judge. He also appointed his counsels as well.This law was enacted long time. There was injustice after sometime. Due to caste system in Hindus, injustice was every where.

After that Muslims come into power. They were also ill-mannered in keeping justice between the people.

After Muslims, English came in sub continent. There was a big problem of justice for them that how we shall do justice with these people.

In 1834, Lord Macaulay raised the point of justice in British parliament, British Government appointed a commission after the speech of lord Macaulay and appointed him as chairman of commission for law reform in India in 1834. It was said that a uniformed law must be provided which are acceptable for all the people of India. Commission started their work and three other members were also appointed in this commission with Lord Macaulay. They worked very hard for making this law.

After 28 years this law came to exist . This commission held thousands of meetings . They consulted with many sects of people of India. As a result of their fantastic job, this law was presented in written from before British Parliament. After that they presented this before British Queen in 1860 in documented form.

Queen praised and upgraded the law. These sayings were entitled as “Marvelous Guys”. In January 1862, this law was implemented in sub continent.

In 1947, Quaid-e-Azam replaced IPC (India Penal Code) as PPC (Pakistan Penal Code). This was how PPC originated and promulgated in Pakistan

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