Characteristic of Computer

Characteristic of Computer

Characteristic of Computer

Computer is being used in every field of life. It uses is growing day by day and it is become a necessary part of our life due to the following characteristic.


PC is very high speed machine. It can do work in a few second which work is done by the human being and entire years.Super computer can perform trillion of operation in a few seconds.


Accuracy of computer is very high. Error can be accruing due to human rather than weakness of technology. PC display such result which is data is given.


PC is a versatile machine which  is very wonderful thing about that. It can perform many tasks at a time for us. One movement is preparing the result of examination and the other movement we can listing the music and in between may be help to the office secretary to draft the letter. To precise, computer can works on different task at a time.


Power of remembering of PC is very high. It can store and recall any information temporarily as well as permanently which are required by the user. Each piece of information can be retained at any moment.


Computer has no feeling, emotion and passing because it is a machine. While human being has feeling and emotion. He is joyful and other movement he may be is sad. He can tire due to hard work but computer is free from these problems.


Although PC is a machine so he is free from tiredness, boredom and lack of attention. It can work for hours without error and grumbling. So we can say that PC is such machine which is not tired.

  • No I.Q

Computer can only perform such task which is given by the user. PC is not intelligent and its I.Q is zero till today. Hence PC will task performs which they are determined by the user and it could not take any decision about that matter.

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