Output and Output Devices

Output Devices

Output Devices


After processing user which receive the data from the computer in the meaningful form that called out put.


Out put devices are hardware components which are used to receive the processed data from the computer system are called output devices like Monitor, printer, speaker and plotter.


Monitor is most commonly used output device. It  also called display screen. It’s like TV screen. Monitor displays picture, graphic, text, video and other character on the screen. Monitor is very necessary element of the computer. The out put which displays on the screen and other storage devices called soft copy.


Speaker is an out put device which produces sound output. User can hear music, voice and sound/ audio data.Speakers are available in different size and shape in the market.


Printer is also an output device which creates output text and graphics on physical media like paper or transparency. This output called hard copy. You can get print out on paper which you see on monitor. Printer is most common output device for making hard copies. Different types of printer used different types of application and these printers have different printing mechanism. There are tow type of printer like Impact Printer and Non Impact Printer


Plotter an output device which used to produce designs and graphic output. It has two types; flatbed plotter and Drum plotter. In flatbed plotter paper fixed and spread over rectangular flatbed table. In this case paper don’t move while pen moves on paper for making designs and graphic to using different color of inks. The plot size restricted by the area of bed. In drum plotter paper rolled over the drum. Pens made design using different color of ink. In drum plotter paper moves vertical and pen moves horizontally

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