Future and Alternative Sources of Energy in the world

Alternative Source of Energy

Alternative Source of Energy

Some experts argue that the world is heading towards a global energy crisis due to a decline in the availability of cheap oil and recommend a decreasing dependency on fossil fuel.



Alternative  Source of Energy

This has led to increase interest in alternative power/fuel research such as fuel cell technology, hydrogen fuel, bio methanol, bio diesel  karrick process, solar power, trial energy and wind energy to date only hydroelectricity and nuclear power have been significant alternatives to fossil fuel, with big ecological problems(residues & water spending).Hydrogen gas is currently produced at a net energy loss from neutral gas, which is also experiencing declining producing in North America and elsewhere. When not produced from natural gas, hydrogen still needs another source of energy to create it, also at a loss during the process.

This has led to hydrogen  regarded as a carrier of power rather than a source. There have been alarming predictions by groups. Such as the club of Rome that the world would run out oil in the late 20th century. Although technology has made oil extraction more efficient. The world has to struggle to provide oil by using increasingly costly and less production methods. Such as the drilling deep sea and developing environmentally sensitive areas such as the Arctic National wildlife refuge.

The world’s population countries to grow at a quarter of a million people per day, increasing the consumption of power. The per capital energy consumption of china, India and other devolving nations continues to increase as the people living. In these countries adopt western lifestyle. At present a small part of the world’s population consumes a large part of its resources. The United States and its population of 296 million people consuming more oil than china with its populations bullion people.