Corruption and its Causes

Corruption and its Causes

Corruption and its Causes

Corruption is a wide spread phenomenon. All countries suffer from it. The term corruption  used as a shoot hand reference for a large of illegal. Corruption is as old as man.  Because it has existed in the world since ancient times. Corruption exists in all countries of the world.  However its rate is very high in the under_ developed countries.Under_ developed countries all type of corruption exists in the government as well as private sectors. There are many kinds of corruption like cheating, fraud, swindling and bribery or acceptance of gratification. 


  1. Every person wants to become rich by every means in capitalistic country. The glitter of western civilization has urged every person to adopt some stander of life. He wants to live in a rich bungalow and ride a beautiful car. In order to lead a life of glitter and glow he tries to raise money by fair and focal means and accept bribes.
  2. The government servants mostly accept bribes, because their salary is very small. A government servant cannot live in six or seven thousand rupees. Du to fulfills their needs they accept bribes.
  3. In inflation the price of things is sky rocketing. In this way the stander of living which very high. Which cannot be maintained in meager amount of wages. Due to inflation every  innocent person  tempted to accept bribes.
  4. No punishment for corrupt people. The corrupt people thrive in our society without any fear of punishment. They never brought to book.
  5. There are many harm of corruption which affects our society.
  6.  Corruption is very poisonous to society. which spreads an atmosphere of discontentment and dishonest in a society.
  7.  The young educated people do not get jobs after complete of their education because merit is discarded and more attention  given to bribery.
  8. In a society where governed by corrupt official, the stability of the country is at stake because a highly powered government officer can sell the cond. Confidential secrets gives to enemy after accepting bribes.
  9. The whole system of moral, ethical and religious values impaired of the hand of corrupt People. Therefore I am very disappointed because there is no distinction between rights and wrong.


It is very difficult to eradicate corruption but not impossible. If we follow some concept which I am going to mention below:


There should be as much equality as possible of the society. The division of society into classes of extremely poor and extremely rich and middle class without enough facilities and chance to progress should go.


Education should be within the reach of all manner of people. When people get universally education, they will be able to work more efficiently and their earnings also will rise. They will be generally satisfied and the course of corruption will be mostly eliminated.

Honest Leader & Politicians

The leader and politicians should be the men of integrity. Their honest devotion in leadership and fair dealing will set a pattern of life and work for the nation.

Religious Role

A religious and moral atmosphere in society will create a sense of honest living among the people. So our religious scholars, teachers, newspapers, radio and TV can play an important role in this connection.

Punishment for corrupt people

Corrupt government servants and anyone who accepting bribes in any form they punished after a proper trail in a court of law.

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