Structure of Abstract Writing in Research Papers

                                                                                        Structure of Abstract Writing

Abstract Writing

Abstracts Writing

An abstract must divided into paragraphs. Every section may include one or more paragraphs. In the first paragraph, there should general description about the area of relevant study. Hence describe the area of researcher, study and importance of subject area. That significance of study may high lighted. Therefore Researcher should discussed his topic skillfully as this study will be valuable and important for future activities of researches, statement of the problem should not be present as a puzzle or issue, it should be presented as an important and achieve able target. A researcher should clear his idea in simple way in his own words. In one or two sentences can explained the theme of the study skill fully

Second section is the heart of the abstract. So in this part solution of the problem is presented. Findings and conclusions described in most convenient way, detail of data collection; analyzing procedure, major findings and conclusion of the study presented in precise and comprehensive way also. In third part, researcher discusses, conclusion of study for approaching final decision and solution of the problem. A researcher can not give a lot of cites and references in an abstract. There should given no more than five references in an abstract of conference paper.

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