Role of School Head as Academic Leader

Role of School Head

Role of School Head

The school head has the liabilities to conduct the process of education, to facilitate the educational leadership, to develop staff and to enhance community applications. But involvement of all devotes is necessary in this regard.  The  efficiency  of  his  leadership should  be  in  such  a  strategic  fusion  that  under  the  effect  of  which,  a  school  can  be converted  into  learning  society. 

He should have the duty to guide and provide proper guidance to the teacher and students. An effective policy, reviewing of course work and assessment  of  teacher’s  efficiency  demand  proper  direction  and  team  work.  In  this paradigm,  a  role  of  school  teacher  requires  his  perception  and  discerning  ability, sensibility  and  foresight,  effulgence  and  conceive ability  and  his  concentration  and devotion to his work.

Role of School Head 

A  school  head  should  have  the  responsibility  to  check  the  student’s  activities teacher’s  competency.  He  should  be  aware  of  the  declination  that  where  there  is deficiency, whether in the students or in the teachers. He should also tell them the right way to solve the puzzles.  This  technicality  will  be  helpful  for  them  to  grapple  with  the problems  of  their  learning  and  teaching  process.  In  this  way,  they  become  conversant with  students  learning  outcomes  and  balancing  a  better  communication  with  parents  or society.

He also has an effectual role to encourage the devotees who keenly interested in making the school a model one. In order to get knowledge that how he can improve the efficiency of school. He remains in direct contact with dignitaries.  So he  attends  the meetings  of  his  officers  and  walls  for  this  purpose.  He also involves the teachers, community members and parents to do well for the welfare of school.

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