Role of Leadership in Business Organization

Role of Leadership

Role of Leadership

Leadership play key roll to plan and organize the organization activities. If leadership is competent and skillful then organization boost up and generate revenue. some major roles of leadership are as under.

Conflict Management 

Conflict is actually a violent collision, a struggle for contest, a combat and mental struggle. Conflicts arise, when two or more persons, or tribes or nations wrangled for their interests and ignores the others. They tried their best to secure only their survival and do not care the others. Hence these conflicts may be in the form of quarrel and disputes. During a conflict  loss  talking,  non  sensible  behaviour,  a  stupidities,  terrorism  and  hostility,  may happen. They are resolved by third party and in this way they are stopped. Generally the realities,  data  based  on  information  (right  and  wrong),  authority,  some  values  and personality attributes are sources of this conflict.


It  is  a  direction  gives  be  leader  to  his  followers  that  aimed  to  get  goals. So Motivations are directed in an influencing and effectual manner.

Stress Management 

Stress  is  reaction  of  brain  in  response  to  the  action  of  any  stimulant. Therefore in  a management  process,  stress  is  actually  a  step  taken  by  an  organization  to  minimize  the stress activities against the organization. So the stress management is done at individual as  well  as  collective  level  to  remove  the  role  of  stress  in  the  residence  of  work.  The stress management can be done by improving communication process.

Team Management 

A manager or leader manages all the team work of people to get common task. A group shows unifying relationship whereas the team shows an interdependent relationship for that common task. Hence Productive participation, credibility, sensibility, evaluative thinking and trusty atmosphere among the leader and followers are characteristics of the team management.

Quality Management 

In this type of management the purity, effectiveness, efficiency and performance of a system is ensured.  While  checking  the  quality  management,  compliance,  employee empowerment,  facts  based  on  the  correct  decision  and  efforts  takes  to  improve  the management process. Customer center are the Stuarts, parents and students.

Change Management 

Change  management  act  as  tool  for  the  effective  sunning  of  organization  with changing  life  styles  of  the  world. So this process demands a desirable transition in the parent state of individuals, team’s organizations and societies. This process also requires creating change management complicity among the leaders and manager that play a role among the workers to bring about changes.


Process of management is incomplete without the communication.  A successful leader knows the communication skill; otherwise he can not survive with organization.

Resource Management 

This type of management ensures the availability of some facilities when thee are needed.  There  may  be  financial  resources,  human  skills,  physical  resources  or information  technology. Hence it suggests the discovery and resection, their assignments, its uses and preservation of that resource.

Knowledge Management 

In  order  to  manage  an  organization,  a  lot  of  knowledge required  but  the  most important thing is to organize the knowledge into most advantageous and beneficial form. Knowledge  gained  from  various  sources applied  in  a  fashion  to  enhance  the organization development. In this process of management, following points are most important, knowledge is got groom various sources such as literature society, environment etc. This knowledge is preserved. It organized. Then it applied and at the end it is distributed. So this knowledge management process is usually used to improve, learning, knowledge, some expertise and intellectual capital.

Time Management 

A  proper  scheduling  and  time  table  is  necessary  for  the  effectiveness  and efficiency of the leader and workers. So a time management acts as tool for management process.

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