Function of Management Process in Business organization

 Management Process

Management Process

Management processes are the technique that assists the structuring, investigation, analysis, decision-making and communication of business related matter. So according  to  the  my point  of  view  a good  planners  and  managers  in  an organization such function kept in mind to control and manage the organization. Management process can be briefly described as follows:


In order to enhance the process of management, to minimize the intermixing and to drop the extraordinary things, plans made. This planning is done by keeping views ideas, policies, methodology, aims and proper guidance in mind.  And this way leads towards the destination.


After formulation of strategies, ideas, planning, aims, purposes and objectives, there are organized in a specific manner. So this step of organizing the things involves the participation of all members in the form of coordinated efforts.


Through this step, eligible persons are selected for each job.  On  the  basis,  of qualifications,  experience,  competency  conceivably  and  his  foresight  staffing  is  done. Staffing functions, compensation (salaries and allowances / leave bonuses) transfers, resignations, retirement, terminations, pensions are major elements that are kept in mind while staffing.


Through motivation and proper guidance, it is possible to get maximum outcomes from employees.


Behind  a  good  management  process,  there  is  the  hand  of  good  leader.  A  lot  of  books have been written on the leadership, models are prepared for leaderships, so many theories  are  on  the  topic  of  leadership,  so  much  processes  and  techniques  focus  the leadership process but our concern with leadership is just for communication process as an interpersonal influence in the management process to get long lasting goals.

Problem solving 

It is specialty of a good manager to cope with the difficulties, to grapple with the  problem  and  to  solve  all  the  puzzles  within  no  time  in  a  management  process.  In  early times, problems are solved through following steps, things are recognized first, then their analysis  is  done,  all  the  fact  and  figure  are  collected,  hypothetically  solutions  are researched  out,  among  these  solutions  most  appropriate  solution  was  applied.  But according  to  modern  concept,  problem  solving  has  a  close  relationship  with  conflicts management,  with  the  development  of  an  organization  and  making  and  taking  of  any decision.


The most important step in the management process is motivation.  Without motivation, process of management will not be so effective. Therefore the motivation can given through various ways like by threading someone. This type of motivation is known to as fear motivation. Sometimes motivation is through the use of incentives.


At  the  place  of  management  problems  arise  due  to  the  fictionalization  and separation of labor. So it is responsibility of upper management to resolve the problems by collaboration and interests of each person that is the member of organization. Through this step, the future of organization can secured. Because, by unity and coordination, organization can bear fruit and will be very close to the destination.


According  to  latest  style  of  world,  due  to  the  rapid  process  in  science  and technology,  due  to  excess  of  resources  and  conditions,  the  management  also  demands versatility. So it  requires  new  method  of  jobbing,  handling  of  staff,  getting  more  and  more salaries  and  improving  the  performances.  All these things are functions of treat ability and innovations.


This factor basically compares the results obtained before planning in the past and after the planning. It acts as a standard to measures the parlance obtained after planning. Sometime,  the  management  function  also  has  some  decision  making  communication, coordination, human relations leadership and problem solving.


It is major source to put all the struggles of organization into their proctor. Hence this budgeting is done on the basis of past performances of organization and future aspects by judging the various factors sensibly. Moreover, planning coordination and controlling are major goals of budgeting.

Decision making

Decision  making  is  necessary  step  during  all  process  of  management  that  mostly  done  by  managers.  Different people have given different views about decision making.  There are different classes about this decision making process.  Actually,  this process  involves  following  main  steps;  to  identify  the  problems,  to  give  the  exact  idea about that problem, to sort out various possible and solutions of that problem, select the most favorable solution, apply the stetted solution    While performing the process of decision making, decisions must be effective and should target the exact point.

Human Relations 

This factor signaling towards the important point workers and colleagues must treated as human not as animals.  Moral values, ethics, relationships and aspirations kept in mind during this process of management.

Reporting / Communication

Communication plays a central role during management process.  Through the process of communication, leadership can made more effective. For this purpose, a manager must  in contact with his inferior ranked officer and appreciate and encourage their work if they are doing something well. So this communication process can carried out  through  any  of  the  medium  like  circular,  letters,  conferences,  telephone  notice, memos,  files  etc.  Vertical and horizontal type of communication network is best.  But it must be to and from all the directions

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