Behaviour of Leadership in Organization

Behaviour of Leadership

Behaviour of Leadership

Leadership behaviour is a way of leader to behave with his followers. The people authorized at different leaderships positions, behaves in different ways with his followers. They  lead,  guide  and  direct  the  inferiors  to  get  the  objectives. An effective leadership always provides an effectual atmosphere and animating environment. The workers work in such environment and entertain. They get new ideas from this type of leadership and they indulged themselves even during risky undertakings. So a leaderships forces a person to exert all his efforts to get long-lasting goals.  So the workers work with so much interests and enthusiasm. But for this purpose a leader must be flexible and handle the problems comfortably. He should have the ability to judge the suitable environment for any role.

Leadership Behaviour

Leadership behaviour means the behaviour of a leader towards the followers.  The  leaders  stand  behind  a  group  to  push,  they  place  themselves  before  the group  to  lead  and  inspire  them  to  attain  organizational  objectives.  Effective  leadership behaviour  will  create  inspiring  and  stimulating  climate  for  the  workers  so  that  they  can enjoy a high level of morale and to motivate to receive new ideas and are always ready to venture  into  new  goals.  Leadership  is  also  concerned  with  development  of  a  climate within  an  organization,  which  ultimately  influences  motivation  of  the  followers. Mutual trust, respect, and warmth in the relationship between the leader and the staff members.

Leadership behavior is  an  important  criteria  for  maintenance  and  improvement  the quality of staff and  try to achieve the organization Objectives. As it is the critical factor for allocating and targeting roles and facilities in order to achieve the goals. Leadership has attracted the attention of sociologist, social psychologist and political scientists in various contexts. No unanimity is,  however,  found  on  the  precise  meaning  of  the  term  among  the  different  social scientists.

Impact on Organization of leaderships behaviour

Without  a  good  leader  the  staff  and  organization  cannot  developed. Functionally speaking, Administration is to induce or persuade  all subordinates or followers, to  contribute  with  cheerful  readiness  or  organizational  goals  as  warranted  by  their capabilities. Leadership is in fact the rare ability to inspire. Management acts as a backbone within the system of an organization because it is the basic criteria for the balance and betterment of the quality of an organization.

It has got the attention of various sociologists, psychologists and politicians toward itself. They look  upon  this  term  with  various  directions  and  there  is  no  agreement  on  the  accurate meaning of this term. The sociologists must have to study it deeply and also have become conversant with its exposed and dormant realities.  But  they  understand  it  very  complex and  difficult  term  that  is  why  these  are  not  agrees  to  know  about  the  concept  of leadership.

Management  inspires the others to do their jobs in order to achieve goals. So a good leader runs an organization in a sensible way and behaves rationally with his subordinates to get maximum output.