Basic Leadership Skills for Organization Leader

Basic Leadership Skills

Basic Leadership Skills

Leadership skill is key mechanism of any organization. So without leadership skill organization could not originate, operated and implemented his strategies. Leadership skills influence the worker they worked in the organization. So there are three basic levels of expertise required for educational leader.

Technical Skill 

Ability to use knowledge, methods, techniques, and equipment, necessary for the performance of specific tasks, acquired from experience, education and training also. 

Human Skill

Ability  and  judgment  in  working  with  and  through  people,  including  an understanding of motivation and an application of effective leadership also.

Conceptual Skill 

Ability to understand the complexities of the overall organization and where one’s own operation fits into the organization. There are five Major skills required for efficient educational manager:

Major Skills for Efficient Educational Manager

Five Major skills required for efficient educational manager:


It consists on following major values for school head in the efficient management of a school:  Commitment, Cooperation, Punctuality, Patience, Watchfulness, Integrity and Fairness.

Sense of Judgment

Sense of judgment is necessary for situation requiring. Hence three skills given below need to be exercised by an effective school head, Decision making, Conflict Resolution and Supervisory Skills.

Occupational Knowledge

The  skills  identified  for  a  school  head  such  as:  Current  policies,  rule, regulations,    financial  management and teaching  methodologies also. So Institutional  planning information seeking / providing staff relations and Community involvement.

Technical Knowledge

A  school  head  should  have  a  high  proficiency  in  matters  of  financial  matters, administration, record maintenance, and leadership also.

Manipulative Skills

Manipulation  taken  in  a  healthy  sense  is  a  critical  skill  involving  interplay  of skills in different residence. Therefore  a sense of judgment, exercising of moral values together in a way  that  ultimately.   Hence it  is  the  individual  person  with  a  competent  professional  behaviour whom act appropriately to gradually raise his own school.