Purposes of Abstract Writing in Research

Abstract Writing

Abstract Writing

Abstract writing in research has specific importance in research activities so, it is a purposeful description: These are main purposes of abstract writing are as under:

Screening Documents

The major aim of abstract is to provide key information of a longer paper to the reader in short time.An abstract gives a chance to the readers for getting information about the paper or any other document. It gives knowledge about main topic, objectives, procedure, results, conclusions and recommendations. So abstract creates ability to understand the document.  Abstract is an alternative of a paper and contains key points of a paper. So a reader reads every important thing of paper in his first reading.

 Indexing Information

The other major aim of abstract writing is to give important data base and knowledge to investigators, library staff and individuals of management group. So every information section gets help from abstracts for preparing their index system. Investigators of every field, use key words with in internet to get related information. Hence some times, abstracts save a lot of time and labor in selecting to the point database for research function. A researcher selects easily the topic or area of his own choice with the help of abstract and indexes.