Leadership Qualities of School Leader

Leadership Qualities of School Leader

Leadership Qualities of School Leader

An  educational  system  empowers  the  leader/head  teacher  to  administrate  school  level institution. So at  that  level,  disciplinary  system  is  very  difficult,  unusual  and  unreasonable.  He  can  play  his  role  not  only  in-side  of  the  institution  but  also  outside  of academy. He can create awareness among the people of community about the strength of education.  Moreover,  he  can  also  convince  his  pupil,  teacher  and  parents  about  the importance  of  education. 

School  head  is  also  liable  to  take  some  suggestion  from  staff members,  student  and  parents  for  the  betterment  of  school.  He can also share some important issues with them to manage the school in a very best way.  In  order to do this process  more  effectively,  he  can  establish  school  management  committees  and  parent  – teachers associations.

A leader should be some qualities which are as under:


A good leader always keeps in mind that honesty is the best policy. So, he always remains sincere and perfidious with his work.


He exerts all his exertions to his work. Hence  all his exertions are based on the reasoning and ethics. He expresses all his compassion to achieve the goal. He makes and takes all his decisions wisely not emotionally.

Forward looking 

He  thinks  over  the  future  and  sort  out  best  way  to  secure  the  future  of organization.  He  finds  the  clear  and  straight  route  to  get  long  lasting  success.  For this purpose, he examines the things carefully and takes start from initial stage.


A  good  leader  always  has  high  mentality,  physically  strong  and  owning  the spiritual  values.  He also expresses  all  his  expressions  in  such  a  manner  that  impresses  the others.


He  just  looks  upon  the  things  and  very  quickly  known  about  the  reality  of  that thing. His perception power is very high. So he just read, study and picks it up. He always wants to face challenges in order to learn something.

Fair Minded 

His brain is clear and transparent from all the calamities. So he always adopts the rule of fraternity, justice and brotherhood with the other people.

Broad minded 

He looks the things in a very broad sense.  His thinking is not limited.  He envisages the matters from all the directions.


He faces the hurdles courageously, and achieves the goal at all coasts. In time of distress, his face expressions remain unchanged. He confidently faces the challenges.


He makes correct decision at correct time and does not care any of its aftermaths.


His conceive ability’s is very high.  He makes some amendments with the passage of time. So it  shows  his  create  ability  and  innovative  thinking  to  get  goal  to  reach  at destination.

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