Levels of Leadership in business organization

Levels of Leadership

Levels of Leadership

Leadership is key components of any organization. Without leader organization could not formulate and implemented his strategies. Therefore Leadership influence the other people they  worked in the organization. It can be group into three levels:

Top Level of Leaderships 

Macro planning is done by the top level leadership. Some procedure are sued while formulating any policy and planning at the Top level Management. Basic criterion of this level is future programming and planning of the organization. So the leaders of this level are think tank that meditates about mega projects, financial management, staff requirement, coordination and control the organization system and communication problems.

Middle Level of Leaderships 

The  management at  this  level  make implementation  on  the  pre-planned  policies  from  the  top  level  leadership. So this level of leadership is liable to inspect the salary system, convince their subordinates, held meetings and spread to judge the quality and control of the organization. They make daily wise result according to which they implement their decision.

Lower / Supervisory Level 

At lower level management section officers, superintendents, assistants, clerks, teachers and staff members are playing their role as leader. So they formulate routine wise policy for the workers about their daily work. It formulated to check the competency, performance capability and functioning of organization. So  all three things depend on the compassion and collaboration of leaders and workers. At high level;  problems  are  high  and  at  lower  level,  problems  are  also  lower.  In  other  words,  if we  move  from  lower  to  top  level,  problems  arise,  difficulties  come  in  front  and fluctuation evolve in the process of leading and supervisor becomes weak at some extent. Hence all the above three levels are the basic infrastructure of any organization.

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