Current trend in Business Leadership

Current Trend in Business Leadership

Current Trend in Business Leadership

Trend of  current leaderships are transnational, charismatic  and transformational leadership.These leadership style are discussed as under.

Transnational Leadership 

The  political  scientist  and  historian  James  Macgregor  Burns  (1978)  developed  a term  of  transnational  leaderships.  He  describe  an  approach  in  which  managers  motivate employees  to  perform  as  expected. Therefore by  clarifying  task  requirements  and  by  providing rewards  in  exchange  for  employee  efforts  towards  achieving  the  goals.  The  reciprocal mutual exchange of work for pay and other exchanges that takes place occur throughout whole  time  to  the  organization. Therefore all  organization  members  satisfied  about  working together toward attaining everyday goals. So   transnational  leadership  can  be  more  effective  in  the  environment  of  everyday management. Where the focus is on maintaining current organizational performance or on dealing  with  well  –  structural  problems.  When managers apply transnational leadership, they are staying on course toward established goals by handling routine tasks efficiently and effectively.

Charismatic Leadership 

Max Weber, a sociologist, was the first person to discuss charismatic leaderships. He  defined  charisma  from  the  Greek  for  “gift”  as  a  certain  quality  of  an  individual personality,  by  virtue  of  which  he  is  set  apart  from  ordinary  people  and  treated  as endowed  with  supernatural,  superhuman  or  at  least  specifically  exceptional  powers  or qualities.  These  are  not  accessible  to  the  ordinary  person,  but  are  regarded  as  of  divine origin or as exemplary, and on the basis of these the individual concerned is treated as a leader.  Weber  argued  that  charismatic  leadership  was  one  of  several  ideal  types  of authority.
Robert House was the first researcher to consider charismatic leadership in terms of organization behavior. According to House’s charismatic leadership theory, followers make  attributions  of  heroic  or  extraordinary  leaderships  abilities  when  they  observe certain behaviors.

Transformational Leadership 

In  this type of  leaderships,  the  leaders  motivate  their  followers  to  increase their  own  benefits  for  the  betterment  of  the  organization. They  effect  deeply  and surprising on their followers. So they focus on the coming damages and follower’s individual needs. They help the followers to solve their problems and try to change their mind from the issues. Hence they have cap ability to awake, motivate and encourage followers to work hard and to achieve the group goals.  Transformational leaders guide and co-operate their followers to become innovative and creative. They work according to the goals. 

The  followers  of  that  leaders  try  to  achieve the  desired  goals  of  the organization and believe that the goals they are trying to achieve are important for them. Hence Such leaders  have  some  common  characteristics like   sincerity, honesty and loyalty. They develop  the organization  as a family, develop personal relationships, encourage social relationships serve as a role model, collective approach, innovation, and team work.

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