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  • Obama begin to move the possessions in the new luxury house

    obamaAfter eight years in the White House, the Obamas have begun the process of moving their treasured belongings into their new luxury home.
    Barack and Michelle Obama have chosen to move to the salubrious Washington DC neighborhood of Kalorama. With van furniture moving out of their new luxury home this week.
    Ivanka Trump and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will among their famous neighbors. When they finally say goodbye to the White House.

    Art boxes among the belongings of the loaded couples of the truck. Which also had boxes labeled as "cleaning supplies," "school supplies," and "dog supplies," CNN reports.
    Three sets of golf clubs also introduced on the property, hardly a surprise for a president who played a total of 306 rounds of golf during his time in office.

    The Obamas are leasing the 8,200 square foot property, which has nine bedrooms and is worth $ 4.3 million, according to reports.
    Obama will hold his final press conference as president today before leaving the office for the last time on Friday.
    He used his farewell address last week to issue a warning about the state of American democracy.

    obamas begin to move

    "Democracy does not require uniformity," he said. "Our founders fought and committed and hoped that we would do the same. But they knew that democracy requires a basic sense of solidarity. The idea that, for all our external differences, we are all together in this, one."
    He added: "To each of us we must the eager and jealous guardians of our democracy because despite all our external differences, we all share the same proud title: Citizen.

    "Ultimately, that is what our democracy demands.

    Donald Trump will swear in as the new president of the United States on January 20. With his inauguration set to interrupted by widespread protests.
    Meanwhile, Obama-Biden's incredible "bromance" memes are back.

  • When is the inauguration of Donald Trump and what time is it

    donald trumpThe inauguration of Donald Trump is almost upon us - seeing that the 45th President of the United States takes office just ten weeks after stunning America and the world winning the US election.

    Trump will replace Barack Obama in the White House but not before a ceremony that goes back to George Washington.

    The eyes of the world will be on Mr. Trump when he takes the oath of office and offers his inaugural address.

    When and where is the presidential inauguration of Trump?

    The inauguration of Trumps to become president takes place at noon local time (5:00 PM) on Friday 20 January.

    The main ceremony takes place in the White House, followed by a number of inaugural balls through the city of Washington DC.

    The official swearing ceremony takes place on the steps in front of the Capitol.

    Why is there a gap between the US election? And the presidential inauguration?

    The US elections held on November 8, 2016, but Donald Trump does not officially become president until noon on January 20.

    Until 1933, the new president inaugurated on March 4, four months after election day.

    This shortened to about two months with the ratification of the twentieth amendment.

    The time between the election and the inauguration of the United States allows the current president, or "rogue duck," to tie the loose ends and the new president to prepare for his mandate by working in politics and appointing his cabinet.

    But the main reason for the delay is to allow the election to continue. On November 8, members of the public cast their votes - but not directly to who they want to be president. Americans vote for people called "voters" in their state who are supporting the candidate who wants to become president. This process is called the "Electoral College".

    The more people live in a state, the more voters there are for that state. The candidate with the largest number of voters wins all state electoral votes and the first candidate to win enough states to reach 270 electoral votes is elected to that office.

    Mr. Trump was officially declared the president-elect when Texas votes were counted, pushing him above the threshold of 270 votes.

    After the December 19 vote, Trump ended with 304 electoral votes and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton scored 227. Seven voters challenged the convention and opposed the popular vote, refusing to vote for either candidate. So the results of December 19  confirmed by Congress on January 6.

    american president

    Opening Eve

    President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence will place a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery on January 19. This will follow by a "Make America Great Again!" Welcome concert at the Lincoln Memorial.

    Office Oath

    At noon local time (20:00 GMT) on January 20, Donald Trump will take the Oath of Office and will swear in as the 45th President of the United States.

    Judge John Roberts of the United States Supreme Court will administer the oath on the steps of the United States Capitol building.

  • How to Eat well without Meat

    meatMeat is a much-consumed food in our society even sometimes we eat more than we should on a weekly basis. It is true that meat is a great source of protein for our body, but it is not an essential food in our diet. Just know and know what food can replace the animal protein that gives us the meat. If you are interested in knowing how to eat good without meat. We want to inform you about the different foods you can take to replace the animal proteins that meat provides us without giving up a healthy and balanced diet.



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  • How to Lower Triglycerides With Niacin

    lower niacinBecause high triglyceride levels increase a person’s risk of heart disease. Many people are looking for ways to lower their triglycerides. There are several options available. One method involves the use of niacin. Niacin is a derivative of vitamin B. Not only it known to lower triglyceride levels. But it has the added benefit of raising HDL or good cholesterol. Before using niacin to lower triglyceride levels. People should know the proper dose, possible side effects, and sources of niacin. Continue reading

  • Infusions to lower Triglycerides

    TriglyceridesTriglycerides, normally present in meat and in foods rich in fat, are the main type of lipid carried by our body. Once we digest what we eat, the triglycerides present in foods sent to the bloodstream to harnessed as energy. But when we consume them excessively they are stored in the body fat form, also collaborating in increasing cholesterol. Having high levels puts cardiac health at risk, so it is important to make a change of habits in order to guarantee our well-being. We give you some infusions to lower triglycerides that, accompanied by a good diet, can help you overcome this problem.



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  • Latest Frock Designs For Girls 2017

    anarkali frockThe latest Frock 2017 designs for girls are containing some awesome ideas and styles of dresses. The frock is a loose and long garment also. Since the 16th-century dresses are the most popular and favorite costume between women and girls. Frocks originated in the time of the Mughals. So at that time the Anarkali dresses were the most famous. Since the last few years, there has not been a considerable diversity in dress fashion also. But this year there are bit changes in dress styles.

    Ladies Long Frock Designs

    Ladies Long Frock Designs are the latest fashion trends in Pakistan. So this trend is becoming more popular day by day.  Hence you can see the latest Frock 2017 designs for the girls in the gallery. So LadiesLong Frock Designs are the latest fashion trends in Pakistan and this trend is becoming more popular day by day. 

    long frok



    Long dresses, maxi style dresses with loose fitting were on the way since last year and this year dresses with short length have also come in fashion. So you can wear short length dresses with churidar pajamas or skinny jeans. So Long dresses also combined with lehenga and palazzo pants these days and the latest trend of 2017.

    maxi dress



    Long Churidar Sleeves

    Long churidar sleeves are in the way these days which are mostly in net fabric, girls prefer long churidar sleeves in winter but this trend is also seen in the summer season. You can also see black sleeves of different lengths these days. Chiffon sleeves are also very popular among girls who give the image sleeveless. So you can wear these latest Frock 2017 designs for girls as casual wear with long churidar sleeves and for party wear.

    long churidar

    Banarsi Dresses

    You can wear Banarsi dresses with the Banarsi fabric patches design.Therefore, Embroidered dresses are also very fashionable these days and you can wear these dresses in winter as well. Hence along with embroidery, there are many embellishments that are used to decorate dresses which include lace work, patch work , thread work, got, zari etc. The clothing dress fabric depends on the season, comfort is the first factor to keep in mind while Designing Frocks.

    banarsi dress

    Embroidered Dresses

    Embroidered dresses are also very fashionable these days and you can wear these dresses in winter as well. Hence along with embroidery, there are many embellishments that are used to decorate dresses which include lace work, patchwork work, thread work, got, zari etc. The clothing dress fabric depends on the season, comfort is the first factor to keep in mind while Designing Frocks.

    embroidered frock

    The designer features new styles and new designs of dresses with each collection. So in all collections of designer dresses, are the main highlights. Hence the special advantage of the latest Frock 2017 designs for girls is that these look great on women and girls. Regardless of their body size, dresses can hide body features especially from healthy women as loose dresses are more in this days.

    Loose and Long Dresses

    Loose and long dresses give the traditional, decent and elegant look to women while keeping them fashion and fashionable. Now one-day loose dresses and long dresses are fashionable. So girls' attention mostly diverted to dresses.  Hence Anarkali dresses and panel dresses are very famous these days. Also, the color schemes given in this gallery for the latest designs of Frock 2017 for girls are also very attractive and making these dresses more impressive.  Therefore, Patchwork, different laces, stones, embroidery etc. So Increases frock tolerance and make them more attractive.


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  • How to Create a JPEG File with PowerPoint

    powerpointIf you want to save a particular PowerPoint slide, regardless of the PowerPoint presentation for use in other applications, you can do so by saving the slide to a compatible format such as JPEG. You can do this using the tools built into Windows, such as the screen printing function, which saves what's on the screen to the clipboard.

    You will need to:

    • Computer

    • MS Powerpoint

    • MS Paint or image editor


    1. Click "Start Button" Windows and select "All Programs" and then "Microsoft Office" and Click on "MS PowerPoint."
    2. Click "Office Button", select "Open" and open the presentation.
    3. Then Click "Slide Show Tab" at the top of the program and click "View Slide Show". Press the arrow keys on your keyboard until you reach the desired slide.
    4. Press the "Print Screen" key, which is usually right next to F12. This captures the screen in the clipboard.
    5. Click "Start" Windows and select "All Programs", then "Accessories", followed by "MS Paint".
    6. Then Click "Edit" in Paint and select "Paste." The slide appears in the Paint program. Click "File" and select "Save As."
    7. Click the "Save as type" option from the drop-down menu and select "JPEG". Type the name of your file in the upper text box and click "OK."

    ms paint

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